Skill Stops Slots

These are authentic casino gaming machines which are used in Japan and only accept tokens but can not be converted to accept any coins.

Skill Stop Machine Features

These machines are sort of a modification of the traditional slots and feature spinning reels, bells flashing lights much like slots but have the additional features which allow you to control the reels like when to stop and other issues. You remain in full control of the reels dictating when they start spinning and stop them as well.

Additional Features;

  • They can plugged into other household outlets with 110V
  • They include door keys
  • They have switch for changing skill level

The machines are fully reconditioned in the factory and come with some warranty covering everything except light bulbs.

Using Bingo Stop Skill Machine

There are several tips and steps outlined below which are to some extent comparable to play the one-armed bandit slot with greater ease.

First Step

You need to ensure the slot machine is plugged into a power source to avoid dumping your tokens or money in a dead machine.

Second Step

Insert three tokens knowing very well that one token will only play the center row, while two tokens will play all rows, and three tokens will play all the three rows plus the two diagonals.

Third Step

You can then set the wheels to start rolling by pressing down on the black knob. Remember the machine will not stop automatically like the one-armed bandit slot machine.

Fourth Step

To stop the wheel you will have to press the button below it and this where the skill stop now comes in. The objective for you is to stop the 3 wheels on the same symbol at the center or to get three of the same symbol in a row.

Fifth Step

You need pay attention to the LCD displays next to the wheels because they may indicate to you which buttons to press when getting the same symbol in all displays pays additional bonus in some models.

Sixth Step

Take some time to study the frequency timing of the machine to try and establish how many symbols pass between the time you press start and the time you stop the machine.

Bingo Stop Skills Machine therefore resembles slot machine games in the sense that you have three wheels like a three reels slot machine and the five pay lines which are activated by inserting tokens. Unlike the slot machine, two tokens activate three pay lines while three tokens activate five pay lines. In slots machines, each pay line is only activated by placing a bet on it. It is an interesting game on the whole which tends to give you more control over the game but to a great extent tests your timing skills leading to the name stop skills machine.

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