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Slots machines have come along since they were invented in the 1880s from levers and gears to modern slot machines and internet slots.

Online Slots Machines

Online slot machines mark the peak of the evolution of slot machine games from when they were first played on iron cast Liberty Bell to the present scenario where slots can be played on computer from the comfort of our homes. The slot machines that our parents and grand parents played on used a set of levers and gears to select a winning combination as the reels were rolled mechanically. The use of algorithms and the internet has changed the face of slots completely. The machines have seen continuous reduction in size with increasing efficiency and speed.

The most important invention that has made all this progress possible is the random number generator. The random number generator simulates the rolling of the reels and produces hypothetical symbol combination which is more or less similar to what the rolling wheels would do. The generators count several numbers in the split of a second following certain sequences based on algorithm formulae programmed into the computer. Initially it was possible to cheat on lot machines using the random number generator especially if one found the seeded code and knew the last number the machine counted before stopping. But this loophole was overcome when random number generators which continue counting whether the machine has been stopped or not made impossible to tell at what point of the counting process the machine is making it impossible to apply any formulae to predict the next winning number. The machines therefore produce foul proof and fair winning combination symbols and give some understanding of how to win on slot machines.

Advantages of Random Number Generators

The random number generator is more predictable and easy to regulate and control. If it is programmed that it will pay following a preset payout percentage then the machine ensures that it is done. This should be of great benefit to the player than the dealer. The dealer would be happier with the mechanical system which made it difficult to regulate the amount of profits they made.

The random number generator does not have any gears that may wear out and cause the machine to malfunction. It needs no calibration and is not prone to any errors that were taken advantage of in the past to cheat at slots games. In this case it saves the dealers from potential losses they would incur with the older counting gears.

Increased efficiency in the generation of winning numbers using the RNG has led to the speed of play and enabled the modern casinos to cope with increased player numbers. The rapid growth of popularity for slots machines is attributable to the improvements the game has experienced over time.

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