While slot has grown to become a very popular casino game, it is important to note that not all slots machines are that popular but a few.

Straight Slots

These are the simplest of slots to understand and play. They only support slot games that require symbol combination for standard slot prizes and use a standard pay table. They are relatively easy and do not offer any surprises since you fully understand what you are playing for and therefore can win. There are some variations within this category.

Wildcard - Wildcard is a symbol that easily combines with a variety of other symbols to form a winning combination. It offers higher chances of winning because it can combine with a wide variety of symbols to create winning combinations.

The Multiplier - This a symbol which requires a payout to be subjected to a multiplier effect which can be a double, triple or even a quadruple. It allows your payout to be multiplied by the respective multiplier which in effect increases your earnings a great deal.

Bonus Multiplier works like the multiplier save for the fact that it only applies when you get it on a bonus payout. It is applicable when one or more reels have a symbol that multiplies the bonus received.

Multiple Pay lines offer players several betting opportunities where they can place different amount of bets on different lines designated as coins. Multiple pay lines makes you diversify your bets in one spin of the reels.

Buy a Pay is a casino slots which comes with more than one payout table and requires an extra bet for each payout table. It requires more money to bet on this but you are entitled to more winning opportunities as each payout table participates in a different draw requiring different winning combinations.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots play in a similar manner to standard slots but with an added advantage which keeps players coming back. The added advantage is that besides playing for a standard winning combination you also play for a progressive jackpot meaning that you can much more than can be comparable to your bet. Progressive slots are usually linked to other machines both either within the casino or from outside. Their value increase with each unsuccessful bet until one lucky player finally wins the whole progressive jackpot. This game is sometimes played in a communal manner in the sense that many players just continue playing to see who wins.

Bonus Games Slots

Bonus slots machines are slots that offer bonus play rounds in terms of more spins on the same amount of bet with additional opportunity to earn more money. They have certain combination symbols which if shown on the reels then the player is assured of spinning the wheel for free to earn more money.

777 Slots

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