Gambling problems

The other side of the coin

Gambling for sure refers to the most exciting, profitable and entertaining kind of activity. Especially taking into consideration its quick progress and development due to what it is now available in online mode. However, everything in our life has two different sides, as for gambling it is emergent addiction caused by gambling games.


Sometimes gambling addiction may provoke other problems like quarrels and divorces to financial crisis and even crime. Usually addicts or problem gamblers don`t even recognize their problems and may turn to the actions that were unacceptable for those persons earlier, for example stealing.

A mental disorder

It is indeed considered to be one of the types of mental disorder by psychologists and other professionals. Any person can be faced with gambling problem whether he is successful businessman with perfect family or jobless bachelor. Thus, if you notice yourself gambling again and again spending a lot of money on it and if you don`t care about consequences - you need help to stop this addiction.

And always remember, that everything is good and pleasant until it`s not too much. Thus, you shouldn`t refuse from gambling as entertainment but treat it like casual fun.

Everybody can get help

There are different organizations and special establishments which make necessary important researches related to the problem in question and where gambling addicts can get help. One of such organization is widely-known National Center for Responsible Gaming.


The NCRG is only one national organization that devotes its activity to researches which help to understand youth and pathological gambling. They also finance all researches and try to develop effective treatment methods. The National Center for Responsible Gaming is a part of the American Gaming Association's (AGA) - main trade group of gambling industry.

The organization was established in 1996 as a charitable organization. The NCRG is aimed on helping families & individuals that suffer by gambling disorder by financial aid of scientific researches in youth & pathological gambling; finding investments for new researches, diagnostic, treatment and intervention strategies, public education about gambling.

More than $ 22.000.000 was committed to this organization, including contributions from individuals, organizations, vendors and casino industry. Research funding is distributed through the Institute for Research on Gambling Disorders distributes the funding.

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