Slots Variants

Slots machine games have become increasingly popular over the years but three are most noticeable, basic slots, progressive slots and bonus slots

Basic Slots

Basic slots are also called flat tops since they have predetermined top jackpot to play for. There are three important features to watch in these slots which include a single pay line, two coin maximum play and double or triple payouts with specified combinations.


There are various types of progressives such as progressives involving one casino or group of owners and others involving a number of unrelated casinos. Progressives involving one owner or group of owners pay jackpots more frequently than those involving a number of casinos though their jackpots are generally lower than the other category involving many casinos. It is usually the gaming software owners have the capacity to organize an inter-casino progressive jackpot.

Bonus Slots

Bonus slots are slots machine which offer a free round or free rounds of spin when certain combinations of symbols show on the reels. This means that you are provided with an extra opportunity to play for the same amount of bets.

Hollywood Squares is one version of the bonus slots featuring caricatures of celebrities like Don Rickles, Joan Rivers and Whoopi Goldberg. This bonus is awarded when the star symbols land on the first and the fifth reels. The bonus is triggered when one or more of the show's logs appear on a pay line. Players would next play tic-tac-toe where they have to touch a square of his or her ex while the computer selects the 'O'. Winning this game qualifies you to move to the Question Bonus where you have got to choose one of the stars. If the celebrity answers correctly then your winnings are doubled.

Monopoly Party Train concentrates on four rail roads with train icons Mr. Monopoly and Free Parking as wild symbols. The bonus is triggered by box cars appearing on the first, third and fifth reels. Selecting one box car may reveal a multiplier which can be increased if it reveals Mr. Monopoly dressed as a hobo. When three or more train tickets symbols appear they determine the track the Party Train takes while four train tickets will attract extra bonuses.

Saturday Night Live is a four game series which attracts large crowds of different ages. The first game is Blue Brothers progressive cash for life worth $1000,000. The three other games in the combination include The Coneheads, Church Lady, and Hans and Franz. These shows have had a profound impact on the American culture and comedy.

These are just some types of the games that have so far been developed but none can say for what is coming next since people are getting more creative and technology is pushing creativity to higher levels.

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