Slot machines do not have any particular strategies which can help players reduce the house edge but some tips can help maximize winning chances.

Three Coin Machine Strategies

Up the steps - This requires you to minimize your bets when you are losing and to maximize your bets when winning. The strategy may be convenient when you have limited bankroll but would like to spend more time on the slot machine. Maximizing play time can help those pessimistic players who never believe they can win to find themselves in a winning position even for the jackpot.

Up the steps Hi/Low - Such strategy is more or less similar to the one above except that in this case you may jump from minimum to maximum bets instead of changing gradually.

Patterns - This is some predetermined plan with which you approach the game of slots. You have to decide in advance how to bet so as to control your losses and to avoid temptations which may result in great losses when the machine appears hot. Patterns can also be classified into aggressive and controlled.

Chickens Slot Strategy - This is the situation where a player varies machines by splitting his or her bankroll and then using it to play from one machine to another. After playing on one machine for a specified amount you decide to move to another irrespective of whether you are winning or losing

Squirrels Slot Strategy - This is similar to the above except that when you find yourself winning on one machine then stay longer.

3 Star Strategy - By this you stay in one machine but reduce your bets if you are losing.

The Simple Strategy - Start with two middle pay lines and if you win you increase your bet and stay on maximum until you experience some losses in which case you reduce your bets again.

Five Coin Machine Strategies

Up the steps - you need to do the same as in the three coin case but increase betting lines.

Baby Steps - This is a mix of the up the steps and pattern system. In this strategy you increase you bet gradually in a predetermined way instead of tying the variations to losses or wins.

Play and Run - Applies to players with limited bankroll but want to have a taste of different machines by running from one machine to another.

Umbrella Strategy - With this strategy you vary your bets starting from small to big then back again.

Ladder Strategy - With the ladder strategy you decide to either start with low bets going up or from up going down.

Shotgun Strategy - In this strategy you simply weigh your bankroll and then try your luck on different machines.

Some of these strategies may be employed in an alternating manner but always avoid myths.

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