Perfecting Gameplay and Demystifying Myths in Slots

Summary: Slots, though enjoyable and popular, is a very misunderstood game.  In this article, we will debunk some of the myths and strive to define slots for the casino game it is.


Slots is one of the few beatable casino games that actually allow you to use a strategy to increase your chances of winning.  When you play slots for the first few times, you will find just how fun and addictive it is, but the winnings are often tricky and you cannot win each time you play slots. Just like 888 and poker online are synonym, slots are associated with randomness. Still, you can influence the result of you gambling.  Here are some great things to know about playing slots to win.

i) Choose a fixed jackpot slot machine over a progressive slot machine

When it comes to slots, luck isn’t the most important thing.  Approaching the game from a scientific and mathematical point of view, best explains how many people have made themselves professional gamers specializing in slots.  Fixed slot machines also known as ‘flat-top’ have a minimum fixed payout while progressive slots have a meter that shows the jackpot figure getting higher.  The machines are linked and the jackpot is often determined by how much the slots are used hence how much they make – the more the players, the higher the jackpot.  Because there are many players vying for the jackpot in progressive jackpot, the odds are lower.

ii) Placing bets and gameplay

You will need to insert coins or bills to play a slot machine.  If you are on a reel-spinning slot machine, you will need to push the ‘play 1 credit’ button till the amount deposited is exhausted or you can press the ‘Play max credits’ to play the maximum the machine allows.  On video slot machines, the bet is completed with two button presses – choose the number of lines to play and the credits to play.  It is advisable to play the highest denomination possible to get higher percentage payouts.  If you are playing on a progressive slot, you will have the highest odds of winning big.

iii) Choose a slot in a premium location

Loose machines, the machines that pay out very frequently, are often placed in high visibility locations to attract the maximum attention from passersby and the public at large.  This is a marketing gimmick that makes these slot machines the best and most frequently paying than those in actual casino buildings.  To enjoy slots, you should play to suit your style and if you believe machines with a single payout line are more rewarding then by all means play on one.  The key point here is to enjoy the game first.

If you intend to play casino games for long or for money, consider joining a club – online or at your local casino and get updated on new tips and ideas.

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